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Photo Journal Tuesday

Once upon a time. . . . .

Sometimes keeping my blog is like a fairy tale. I “tell the story” and then put it out of my mind. Yeah, I forget my intentions. One part of my reframe journey is to set intentions and keep them.

In June, I stated that I was beginning a photo journal series to “analyze” the images that I am receiving and making. I wrote then about how I love to photograph patterns. I also love to photograph light. And flowers. And reflections.


I took this picture two weeks ago while walking through Dreher Island State Park, just three or four miles from my home. These trees are covered in water most of the year and as a result have drowned. The graphic nature of them—the stark nearly black trunks and the more faded ones create some drama against the lake water. And then there are the reflections that are disrupted by the ripples created by the breeze. The water itself reflects the gray skies of that morning. Even after adjusting the white balance in post-production to account for the cloudy conditions, I could not eliminate the blue-gray quality of the light in the image.

This image in a way speaks of the coming winter months when more the hard-wood trees will lose their leaves for the winter. Yet, even though they suggest the starkness of the coming winter, the scene does not feel dead or empty to me. The ripples in the water suggest movement. Lake Murray may be a freshwater lake, but there is rhythm in the movement, signs of life that may be just resting for the season. And even though the color is “cool,” there seems to be some promise of warmer days to come.

Kim Manley Ort’s Photo by Design class is helping me look closer at the world, see the light, the lines, the shapes. Photography is all about seeing so that the light can “write” the story on the sensor or the film. 

By Olivia Fulmer

I am the OliviaIrene of OliviaIrene Photography. I am a photographer, a teacher, a story teller. I use this space to tell stories of life, family, and faith through words and images. I'd love to share your stories as well. Join me in this journey.

I love conversation, the close, intimate kind amongst friends. Won't you join me? I look forward to a good coze.

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