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365, Life, and Intentions

I start each year the same. I set an “intention.” This year, it was to follow Katrina Kennedy’s Capture Your 365 daily prompts. That lasted about five days. Then I picked it up again in February for a couple of days, in March, and, now in April. I read the prompts, and sometimes, they do speak to me, and sometimes.  . . . .  not so much. I go days or weeks without looking at my camera sitting quietly on a chair or in the corner or on the back seat of my car, much less picking it up to use it!

And yet, as I drive down the road on my way to work, I cross the Adam’s Camp bridge and say to myself, I should get here when I’m off to take the picture of the fog rising from the lake at sunrise. Or I will see an interesting cloud formation or a beautiful sunset on the drive home from work. I see photographs daily even though I don’t take them. Maybe that is the point of doing a 365 project in the first place, not so much the photographs themselves, but the seeing, the observations, the being in the moment and being present enough to notice bits and pieces of life around us.

So, four months into the year, I’ll change my “intention,” from taking a photograph every day to seeing everyday, to notice things and to let them speak to me.

Today, I went for a walk around the ponds. It’s spring; it’s cool outside. This weekend was just plain cold in the mountains of North Carolina. I won’t even guess what the wind chill factor was Saturday! Needless to say, I was not as prepared as I should have been. But, I digress. . . .

I love the springtime, even if it doesn’t always love me (my itchy, allergy-ridden eyes; itchy, runny, stuffy nose; scratchy throat. . . . ).  Early spring is also a transition. There’s all kinds of evidence of new life, but there is also a reminder of the winter as well—a fallen leaf caught in the green grass;untitled-18

the brown broom straw in front of a newly leafed shrub;


blackberries blooming (that’s another story!);


beautiful wildflowers (I won’t call them weeds—yet).


My red knock-out roses are in bloom;


the dianthus is opening.


The lavender looks good. Birds are singing loudly in the mornings. I’m waiting for them to rediscover the newly refilled feeders outside my living room window.

Learning to see, learning to be present. . . .  That’s Capturing Your 365, even when it doesn’t show up in the photos.

By Olivia Fulmer

I am the OliviaIrene of OliviaIrene Photography. I am a photographer, a teacher, a story teller. I use this space to tell stories of life, family, and faith through words and images. I'd love to share your stories as well. Join me in this journey.

I love conversation, the close, intimate kind amongst friends. Won't you join me? I look forward to a good coze.

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