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Technique Tuesday—Part Two of the Planner


Yesterday, I wrote about how I’m trying to be a planner. One thing I do with my planner is keep “memories.” As I’ve said before, I have scrapbooked, and I still enjoy making the large 12 by 12 layout and playing with paper and embellishments and photos and words. But I’ve scaled down, too, to putting images in my planner instead of the larger scrapbook. Here is one thing I do.

After I make my basic edits in Lightroom, I save them in sizes that I can post to emails or to Facebook or to use in blog entries. (I use the For Email—Hard Drive setting in the Export menu of Lightroom). Then I have fun.

Now, I’m all about easy. There are templates and such in the Lightroom Print module to create photo film strips and collages, but you can’t beat the ease of the online app at www.befunky.com. It is seriously “easy as pie.” First, I select the images I want to play with and upload them to BeFunky.

Then I choose the Collage Maker option. image

From that point, I select the kind of collage I want—a Facebook cover (I haven’t done that yet) or a grid or some other option. Then I choose the autofill option, let the app plug in the photos, and rearrange them if I want to by dragging and dropping into place.


Then I save the completed image to my folder with the originals, and, Viola!, I am done. I can print out the image on my printer or just hold on it. The app also allows you share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.

I used some images from Sunday’s Trunk or Treat at my church to create a couple of quick collages to put in my planner:

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat 2

BeFunky is free, as are many photo editing apps online, but there is also a premium version that gives the user more options. I opted for the premium version, and I am glad I did. It is worth the $25.00 annually for more options and more ways to “express” myself with the images.

Story-telling Photographs


I knew it. . . . It was coming, but it came sooner rather than later.

I don’t know what to write about! I’m stuck. Or maybe it’s because it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I’ve had my nap; I’ve been reading. It’s comfortable, though, outside—low 80’s after a cool morning (I wore my right pink sweater to church this morning).

I pulled out one of my photography books, The Photographer’s Playbook. You’re familiar with the idea of coaches and teams having playbooks with a variety of moves the team can make. The players are familiar with everything in the book, so nothing is new, but when the team gets in a jam, the coach can pull out a play.

So, today, I pulled out the playbook, and I looked through the subject index. I honed in on the keyword “editing.” I was expecting to find some interesting ways to edit images.


What I did find was advise on looking back over the photographs that I’ve already taken and start to look for the story or for the patterns or perhaps the story that I’ve found. I went back over my images I’ve taken this year, and selected randomly some thirty images. Then I culled that those images to twenty-five. Using the online photo-editor/collage maker Befunky.com, I created a three by three grid to make a collage. to make things really simple, I used the auto-fill feature to fill in the grid.

Water, florals, lines. These show up in my photography more often than not.

Editing Collage

These images, randomly selected, reveal my love for nature, for details, for atmosphere. I think I will be exploring the stories that my images reveal.