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Weekend Roundup


We are here at the first full weekend of the new year—already. Have you get your photography goals yet? I’m still working through mine. I know that top on my list is NOT to enroll in more online classes than I can handle at one time! I’m a glutton for great photography classes, though, and there are so many. For the first quarter at least, I am going to concentrate on the exercises in Kim Manley Ort’s book Adventures in Seeing and the lessons from Emma Davies’ A Year with My Camera. I’ve ordered the book, and I’m waiting for it to come at the end of the week. In addition, I’m reading Julieanne Kost’s book, Passenger Seat, in which she describes how to go about starting and completing a personal photography project. She uses the example of making photographs while riding in the passenger seat when traveling. The idea began when she went to see the autumn leaves in New England.

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his week, I’ve given some thought to personal photography projects, and I think I’m going to take on one: photographing the area around the ponds in the backyard for a year. Now, what I can’t decide is whether to use one photograph a month or one per week when I produce the final product, whatever it may be. At this point, I’m not in a hurry to make the final decisions about the end product. I plan to focus on the process first.


I’m also working toward the 365-project. I am not following prompts necessarily because sometimes the prompts aren’t speaking to me. As I read in the introduction to Kim’s Adventures in Seeing, though, sometimes the prompts that don’t speak at first have more to teach. I keep them to think about and ponder. Perhaps something will come to mind later—when that “teachable moment” arrives.

What more formal projects are you considering this year?