Thursday Thanksgiving

After a month of worry and sorry, it is time for me to pick myself up and change my attitude. St. Paul writes frequently that no matter what the circumstances, we should give thanks. So, I am making my thanks public—on Facebook. Each day I am posting one thing for which I am thankful. Since today is September 3, I am posting my Day 3 thanks here in this space.

Day 3–#RiseinGratitude Yesterday didn’t happen has planned. I should be used to that since the last three weeks have gone nothing like I had planned, but God has a way of intervening sometimes. Yesterday, I felt like being creative. Creative for me often means pulling out my camera and going for a long walk to see what there is to see, to receive (as Christine Valters Paintner says in her writing about contemplative photography) images. In doing so, I see how great my/our God is. What a masterful Creator He is! I did not walk, but I opened some images I had taken two weeks ago and played with editing and artistic choices. Not only did I satisfy that emptiness that lack of making art created, but I also reveled in the beauty that God places in the world. We may have lost Eden in the Fall, but God constantly reminds us of what Paradise is. Just look at this beautiful morning glory! Do you see the hearts? God loves us so much that He reminds of His paradise!#BEDIP