Photo Journal

The Last Day—Write 31 Days is “Officially” Over

I made it to the last day of October. While I managed to write most days, I did not write every day. Life sometimes gets in the way, and sometimes the inspiration, motivation, and desire just up and leave me high and dry. I am working on that latter bit, though, and learning to “show up” to do the work whether I am inspired or not. Sometimes, just showing up is the only thing that I can do.

This morning, I went out for a quick walk around the yard with the camera. The zinnias are beautiful in their last bit of autumn loveliness. The butterflies are covering them. I could sit on the ground and watch them for hours, I think. And yes I found that one butterfly with the dry, papery wing that’s beginning to show its “age”. It’s a subtle reminder of the impermanence of things. And yet, it’s still as beautiful as the butterflies that are still perfectly whole.



I did go out this morning with an idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I chose my 50mm f/1.8 lens, a fixed lens. If I “zoomed” in on something, I would have to do it with my feet! I also took my extension rings to work on some macro, or close-up, photography. I wanted to get close up for detail and to create some kind of abstract of the subject of the images. It’s harder than one thinks! And I was not satisfied with my results. Still I found some things I liked.

I started with my hibiscus.


This image, of course, is taken without the extension rings. I just love this flower. Then I started focusing on details.




I love the curves and the yellow on the underside of the petals.

There are other indications of autumn all around the pond as well. Of course, I had to take the picture of the fallen leaf—just one—lying on top of the green grass.


So much texture and lines in this image of the leaf.

While I had some intention when I began this walk, I also went out with an open mind to see whatever presented itself to me. One of the principles of contemplative photographic practices is to approach the world with an open mind, to see what is there without judgment whether the subject is appropriate or beautiful or photogenic. The idea is to see what is there as it is.

This walk was just what I needed this morning, too, as it put me in touch with creation and its beauty as it is, even the broken butterfly.